juniorgolf1.jpgThe future of the game is in their hands. And, it’s in our hands to encourage, coach and support a strong Junior golf effort here at Broadlands.

Broadlands has one of the most active Junior programs going. That’s because we believe that golf is a great game that can take you from your youth to an active participant for the rest of your life.

Broadlands Junior Golf Program is for anyone between the ages of 6 and 17. Our goals are to help junior golfers have fun, play better and play more. We are once again offering the Developmental Junior Program for beginner and intermediate students and the Advanced Junior Program for more experienced students.

What is the Developmental Junior Program all about?

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The Developmental Program is divided between practice days and golf days. Please remember that our program is open to any child with a desire to play golf. No experience or equipment is necessary.

Developmental Practice Days

Students are divided into skill levels during scheduled practice days. Practice days take place for up to 9 weeks on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday mornings beginning on June 14th, and last for two hours. A typical day includes instruction at the range and practice green with our golf professionals, plus lots of fun games and contests. Prizes and achievement pins will also be awarded.


Developmental Golf Days

The Developmental Program includes golf days held on weekday mornings. Golf days allow students to experience golf on a real course while competing in fun games and events. Each skill level plays its own set of tees and number of holes on the golf course. Prizes are awarded in each skill level.

Developmental Program Info

Broadlands Golf Club’s 2017 Developmental Program uses a method of teaching and course set up that allows students with a similar skill level to learn and play together. Each child receives an instruction booklet that describes the skills he or she will be learning during the program. Achievement pins are awarded each time a student passes a skill test in his or her skill level. After all five skill tests (listed below) in a level are passed, the student graduates to the next level. The student’s level also determines which set of tee markers he or she will use on the course and how many holes will be played on a scheduled golf day. Two shorter sets of tee markers will be used on the course for levels 1 and 2.

Skill tests for putting, around the green, full swing, knowledge and scoring are given in each level.

Blue Tee – Level 1

  1. 9 holes = approximately 900 yards
  2. Golf day = 4 holes
  3. Basic grip, set up, putting, chipping, and full swing skills.
  4. Introduction to etiquette and rules.

Yellow Tee – Level 2

  1. 9 holes = approximately 1,800 yards
  2. Golf day = 6 holes
  3. Advanced grip, set up, putting, chipping, and full swing skills. Basic pitching and sand shots are added.
  4. Continued etiquette and rules.

Red Tee – Level 3

  1. Standard red tees are used
  2. Golf day = 9 holes
  3. Advanced grip, set up, putting, chipping, pitching, sand shots and full swing skills. New grip options and shot routines are added.
  4. Advanced etiquette and rules.

Advanced Junior Program

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The Advanced Program is for students that have graduated from the Developmental program or have been pre-approved by a Broadlands golf professional. These students play in a 9 hole golf league each Thursday morning starting June 16th for up to 9 weeks. Students also participate in individual lessons scheduled with a golf professional during the summer.

Benefits for all Juniors

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